The Osprey Avenue Improvement Project includes construction of new potable water mains and wastewater force mains throughout various segments of the corridor from Siesta Drive to Bahia Vista Street (Phase 1) and from Novus Street to Main Street (Phase 2). The project also includes construction of new 5-foot-wide sidewalks, where possible, curbing, where needed, and resurfacing of pavement.
The City of Sarasota provides regular roadway resurfacing which Osprey Avenue is candidate for.

The city is making the sidewalks wider, where possible, for additional public safety and to make them more ADA compliant.

Numerous sections of curbing need to be replaced as they have failed due to their age.

In conjunction with the Public Works Department's original infrastructure improvements for Osprey Avenue, the Utilities Department determined it would take the opportunity to replace and up-size, if necessary, the 45-plus year old potable water mains and wastewater force mains within the two phases in order to reduce future service and travel disruptions to its customers, the City's residents and the general public.
Phase 1: the initial design of this phase was provided by Jensen and Group (JAG) Engineering Consultants. Completing the design will be accomplished by another engineering firm who will be announced at a later date.

Phase 2: is being designed by Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Both projects are planned to be built by Halfacre Construction Company.
Construction of Phase 1 is presently not scheduled at this time.

Construction of Phase 2 is presently scheduled to begin in April 2018.